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For Educators

The Friends of Auburn Ravine places great value in educating adults and youth alike. For this reason, we have established an area devoted to instructional information and programs pertaining to the Auburn Ravine, its ecology, purpose, flora, fauna, and the conservation of each. In addition, we are introducing a program that reaches out to our local K-12 educators who are filling out their lesson plans and would appreciate an off-site resource for their classroom use.

Classroom Materials

Protecting Salmon Populations in Local Creeks
by James Haufler, President of Friend of Auburn Ravine

California: the State of Salmon – by Alastair Bland

Download poster of AUBURN RAVINE FISH LADDER PROJECT overview.
This hang-able art piece is ideal for introducing students to an amazing project.

Download poster of Assessment of Fall Run Chinook Salmon Spawning after Passage Barrier Improvements
California Department of Fish and Wildlife – by permission.

Life Cycle of Chinook Salmon
Dry Creek Conservancy –

Hemphill Dam
This dam is located about 2 miles upstream of (east of) Lincoln, CA on Auburn Ravine.

The Story of Number 140
I was photographed by an underwater camera operated by Friends of
Auburn Ravine…

Image by Hitoshi Suzuki

Resources for Organized Group Visits in the Auburn Area

The Auburn State Recreation Area Canyon Keepers is a volunteer group that promotes healthy recreation by providing assistance and information for visitors to the Auburn State Recreation Area. They organize hikes, conduct trail maintenance, provide guided history walks, and assist the professional ranger staff through volunteer work.
Contact Us…

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