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Image by Mihai Lazăr
Image by Mihai Lazăr

Auburn Ravine News

On March 8, 2018, Friends of Auburn Ravine had the pleasure of conducting a field trip along Auburn Ravine for several future scientists and their professor from William Jessup University. The tour was led by John Rabe, one of our volunteers.  The students were able to see the beautiful riparian and aquatic habitat of the Ravine.  The complexity and diversity of this natural environment challenged the students to consider what they want the wild places of Placer County to be like in the future.

Image by Mihai Lazăr

Salmon News

California Dam Operators Can't Dodge Fish-Endangerment Claims

LOS ANGELES (CN) — Federal and regional operators of Southern California’s Twitchell Dam lost their bid to dismiss claims the dam causes the unlawful killing of endangered steelhead trout, MORE>>>

How Rice Farmers can be Salmon Ranchers too. Are "Food Plain Fatties" a key to salmon survival?

Image by AbsolutVision
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