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The Wood Ducks Need Project Managers (And New Nesting Boxes)!

A California Wood Duck swimming in a lake
Wood Ducks need safe nesting places

Note: People who volunteer for this project need to be located within a 30-minute drive from Lincoln, CA. Some years ago, there was a very successful program at Lincoln High School in Lincoln, California to construct, place, monitor, and maintain nesting boxes for Wood Ducks in the Lincoln area. The Natural Science & Agriculture Department at Lincoln High School hopes to restart the program this fall. They have already identified a core group of students who want to participate. The Sportsman’s Legacy Foundation has indicated that they would like to offer $500 scholarships to students who dedicate significant time to the project, graduate from high school, and then go on to enroll in college. As the program rolls out, there will be many opportunities to participate in "day of" activities, but the main need at present is to identify one or two adults who could take on the Project Manager role. The teacher who sponsored the project in the mid-2000s recommends that the planning to re-start the project begin in August 2023. Hands-on activities would begin in mid to late-fall and continue through June 2024. He estimates that managing this project will involve 5-10 hours per week throughout that timeframe. Some of the Project Management work can be done from home via phone, text, an email, but there will be occasional meetings at the school, and there will be field work -- mostly on the weekends in the Lincoln area. Please let us know if you want to take on this challenging and rewarding project. If two volunteers wanted to work together to do the Project Management, that could provide built-in coverage for vacations or illness. Here is a link to a map that shows where some of the nesting boxes were placed as part of the mid-2000s project:

Link to VolunteerMatch page:


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