Salmon Camera on a Stick

In 2019, Friends of Auburn Ravine developed a new system for Salmon Surveys that will help us to count and document juvenile salmon as they move downstream each year in the March to May timeframe

The system uses a GoPro video camera attached to the far end of an extendable painter’s pole.  A special wire carries the GoPro’s WiFi signal along the pole to the other end where an Android tablet allows the user to see live full-motion video from the GoPro.  The tablet also allows the user to send commands to the GoPro.  For example, recording can be turned on and off as needed to conserve battery power and memory space.

On the video below, see how this worked during some testing we did in the winter of 2020.  It was too early in the year for us to see baby salmon, but we did get some good views of small Pike Minnow.